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New Features

Office 2019

FinanceHub is now compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office, allowing you to use the great features of Excel while connected to FinanceHub. Bringing your data closer to you than ever before.  


FinanceHub is now cloud-ready.
Whether you are working on Azure or AWS: FinanceHub is ready!

64-bit end to end

FinanceHubRocket has been completely reengineered. The entire code base has now been optimised for 64-bit computing.  This enables FinanceHub to work with larger data volumes than ever before.  FinanceHub utilises this new technology to work faster and more securely with your growing data requirements.

Oracle 19c

FinanceHub now supports Oracle’s 19c database. FinanceHub can take advantage of all the new features of Oracle’s 19c database: column store, big data & security etc.

Simple made powerful

  • Artificial Intelligence


    FinanceHub has had a fuzzy logic artificial intelligence module for several releases. Aspart of Rocket this module has been rewritten from the ground-up providing even greater accuracy and speed of deduction. Application modules will be able to seamlessly switch over to the new matchER AI system.  This will be especially useful for bank reconciliation type applications, or those relying on unstructured data.

    Self Monitoring & Healing

    FinanceHub utilises its own internal monitoring to track all interfaces, data processing and the user experience in real-time.  By feeding all the data FinanceHub gathers on itself into the AI based monitoring module Rocket can take automated corrective action where appropriate or ask a human for help.

    Predictive Forecasting

    FinanceHub Rocket uses algorithms to build propensity models and aggregators based on historical data sets to build accurate predictive forecasts. Automated forecasts can be applied to many business aspects such as financial, human resource, supplier and customer behaviour or network demand. Companies using digital forecasting can refine their models quicker and make faster strategic business decisions.  


  • Faster Reports

    FinanceHub’s reporting application, RE, has been redesigned to work faster than ever before.  Reports open in near real-time allowing you to refine your questions quicker, drill through huge datasets and answer business critical questions for your customers.

    Reports Stored in the Cloud

    FinanceHub always stored RE report definition files on a locally connected filesystem.   Going forward all report definitions are by default stored within the FinanceHub application directly. Existing legacy reports are still supported and can easily be transferred to your new online library. This enables users of FinanceHub easily to find and run any report from their own personal library and share reports with other team members.

    Download Size

    FinanceHub previously allowed you to download datasets up to 500 megabytes in size.  In FinanceHub Rocket this restriction has been removed.  With our new data streaming engine, huge datasets can be downloaded without impacting the memory utilisation of the PC you are working on.

SetYour Data Free


Schedule Reports

FinanceHub has enabled scheduling reports from its data analytics reporting application DE for many years.   Now that same functionality is available in RE, FinanceHub’s big data reporting application.   Reports can be scheduled to run at any time, directly from your new personal library, and the report is delivered straight to your inbox.

Aggregation Functions

We at FinanceHub have always believed that you should be enabled to build your own reports, your way.   In FinanceHub Rocket we are introducing a whole raft of additional functions within the graphical report builder of RE.  No longer will you need to move to AdvancedMode to build more complicated reports by hand.


Grid is the central component for all your big data analysis and reporting withinRE.  Rocket has reengineered Grid.  Taking advantage of greater memory availability, 64bit computing and a whole new suite of grouping, aggregation and filter functionality to help you answer those critical questions faster than ever before.

Digital Transformation


FinanceHub has always been extremely agile at its core. It needs to stay true to that vision as companies move their build and release development approach to Agile. FinanceHub enables online upgrade, module testing and deployment without impacting the wider application through containerisation and partitioning within the application.  Through this approach, new functionality can easily be introduced without impacting the active user base.

Move Quicker

FinanceHubRockets adds specific functionality to enable an agile approach to new module design, build, deployment and operation.  From our new development toolkit to online deployment and our inbuiltSOX compliant change tracking.  All of this means you can add specific functionality and new business rules as quickly as your business needs demand.

Reduced Cost

Through understanding how FinanceHub is deployed and used in the real word we have analysed use cases that can cause excessive time to enable.Aspart of FinanceHub Rocket we have worked to streamline these activities, reducing the cost to customers in terms of build and operation of the platform.
  • Security


    FinanceHub now supports the following encryption standards and algorithms:    

    ⎇ AES 128 bit    
    ⎇ AES 192 bit    
    ⎇ AES 256 bit

    We also support 3DES 112-bit & 168-bit.
    For data integrity purposes FinanceHub utilises SHA-512 by default.

    Data Security

    FinanceHub has always taken data access extremely seriously.  We have embraced integration with Virtual Private Database technology to ensure that you can be confident that your data is only visible to properly authorised persons. Through extensions to Rocket we have pushed this further ensuring accurate record keeping and auditability of fine-grained data access.  Unlimited roles and scoping rules can now be easily created.

    Single Sign-On

    FinanceHub Rocket introduces single sign-on within corporate domains managed by MicrosoftActive Directory.  This enables you to control who has access to FinanceHub at a domain level across your organisation. FinanceHub’s own secure authentication store is still supported, and will be indefinitely, for those customers who require infinite access control or two factor authentication.
  • Developer Tools


    FinanceHubRocket introduces a whole new integrated development environment specifically designed and built to work with large multi-dimensional arrays.  Our new IDE includes Intellisense like functionality, context prompting, tool-tips, block outlining as well as many other features.  One of the larger new features is that your previous history is automatically now stored in the database, enabling you to pick up directly where you left off.  Our original “Blue” IDE is still available but there are no features missing from our new IDE.

    Big Data

    Data volumes have grown substantially in the last five years.  We have optimised our new development environment to work with very large amounts of information. Whether you are working with the large response from an RPR or just along console  log our new console will handle it all. We think you will be able to build and develop faster with our new development environment, reducing time and cost to your customers.

    Inline Debugging

    As developers we have all had to debug a program from time to time.  The new integrated development environment enables inline debugging automatically allowing block highlighting and collapse, dictionary lookups, command and function colour coding. We think this  new functionality will enable you to rapidly squash those pesky bugs.

  • Cloud-Ready


    FinanceHub can utilise the latest in cloud technology. The cloud provides full resilience to business-critical applications able to take advantage of cloud technology. By moving FinanceHub to the cloud, businesses can now leverage this technology to ensure 100% availability during critical periods such as month-end, or during budgeting period.


    The cloud platform can adapt rapidly to changing application demand.  Cloud technology platforms can increase capacity in near real-time at busy periods and then reduce capacity when workloads are low.   Traditional on-premise solutions would always be specified for peak-load and run that capacity, whether it was needed or not.


    Whether your cloud is based on Microsoft Azure or AWS FinanceHub can take advantage of the clouds ability to scale-up quickly & easily based on the changing requirements of the application.  In traditional solutions this would often require lengthy hardware procurement and configuration. Scaling the solution to fit the business needs is now almost instant.

    Cost Effective

    By moving FinanceHub to the cloud we can take advantage of Reliability, Scalability & Elasticity.  Building this capability in a traditional on-premise solution would come at significant cost.  Through the utilisation of cloud technology we get all the benefits of speed, reliability and simplicity at a cost point that beats static traditional solutions.

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