This document is your primary help and technical reference for use of the FinanceHub for Microsoft Excel application.

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This help file and the document "myObjectiveOLAP Provider for Microsoft Excel Technical Reference Guide" are intended for programmers who are developing applications to access an Oracle OLAP database using the FinanceHub provider. This documentation is also valuable to systems analysts, project managers, and others interested in the development of database applications.

To use this document, you must be familiar with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) or a comparable object orientated language.

Users should also be familiar with the use of the Oracle OLAP Data Manipulation Language (DML) to access information in an OLAP database.

Documentation Accessibility

Accessibility of Code Examples in Documentation

Screen readers may not always correctly read the code examples in this document. The conventions for writing code require that closing braces should appear on an otherwise empty line. However, some screen readers may not always read a line of text that consists solely of a bracket or brace.

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Related Documents

For more information, see these Oracle resources:

Passwords in Code Examples

For simplicity in demonstrating this product, code examples do not perform the password management techniques that a deployed system normally uses in a production environment.